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Recent News
  • IFA in Berlin

    Berlin is a major economic hub and one of the most important cities in Europe. This city is one of great and few cities in the world that are very much advanced technologically and has fully embraced the systems and usage of the modern technology. This is the reason why Berlin holds annual exhibitions of […]

  • personal space on the web

    Throughout the last decade the internet has been transformed. It is no longer just a platform that offers a lot of information on every imaginable topic, nowadays people go online with their PCs and smartphones to socially interact with others all around the globe. Social media interfaces are used by millions of people every day […]

  • A perfect watch can surely make a difference

    Depending on age, people may or may not remember seeing their father wind his watch before going to bed each night. If he didn’t, he would surely wake to a stopped watch but those days have become history now with the advent of automatic watches. These watches have the same mechanism as the old manual […]

  • XBox 360 Kinect

    The XBox 360 Kinect is one of the newest gaming units to hit the market. It has taken the gaming world to another level, with the ability to be completely wireless and use the person’s body movement to play games and use the system. The XBox 360 Kinect features: Full body gaming This means that […]